We eliminate static differently

Ionix Static Eliminators for consistent carton coding and inkjet printing

How inkjet codes become distorted

For inkjets to properly dispose the droplets on the surface, the surface must be free of static. Surface static will cause the inkjet droplets to move from their intended direction. Placing an air nozzle blowing Ionix treated air onto the surface before it enters the inkjet will eliminate any surface static that causes that distortion

Case study - Food packager having pallet packing delays due to inkjet distortion

We were not aware of this problem until the food packaging customer who used our static eliminators in his cup packaging line told us how he also solved his inkjet distortion problem.

He was only getting about 2 pallets packed before he had to stop the line due to inkjet coding distortion. He took one of his Ionix HPPL300-2 Static Eliminators connected to house air. He positioned it to blow on the carton surface before it entered the inkjet. Once he began blowing Ionix air on the surface, his inkjet carton coding operated error free. To verify it was indeed due to the blowing of the Ionix treated air onto the surface, he turned off the air going to the Ionix HPPL300-2. The line stopped within 2 pallets due to inkjet coding errors.

Simple to install 

You do not have to use a special hose or air gun to use Ionix. Any air nozzle will work with Ionix. Ionix Static Eliminators can be installed ANYWHERE in the blow off air line. Ionix installs on any 3/8" ID air hose. Mount the air nozzle or air knife just before the inkjet. Install an in line air regulator to set pressure for best production. The is no electrical wiring or shock hazard. Just install in the air line.

Simple to use

Ionix works automatically when air passes through it. All you need to do is

Which model should I order?

The Ionix model you need depends on the pressure you blow off the surface.

If you are blowing off the surface at less than 50 psi, order our PL300-2 - $199

For air hoses up to 50 psi.

If you are blowing off the surface at more than 50 psi and less than 150 psi, order our HPPL300-2 - $299

For air hoses over 50 psi and under 150 psi.

30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Use Ionix for 30 days. If your not completely satisfied with your Ionix Static Eliminator, you can return it IN ANY CONDITION for a full and complete refund. Our goal is to solve your static problem to your satisfaction. We warrant our product to be free of defects for 6 months after installation. Replacement is recommended after one year of actual use.


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